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    Qingdao Huamei Rigging Hardware Co.,Ltd was founded in 1972 and has many yeas of history. Located at Aoshanwei near to the Laoshan District,the company is near to the Qingdao International airport .The company is around 11000 square meters.The factory has 4 production lines from 160T to 630T.
    The company is specialized in the production of forging parts of different kinds. The major products of our company are shackles,eye bolts,turnbuckles,anchors, bindes,chainaccessories and trawling fittings.
    Huamei would provide qualified products timely and sincerely service to the customers from all over the world.

    Add: Sunjiabaimiao,Aoshanwei town,Jimo,Qingdao
    TEL :
    0532-86521023 13808995963  FAX:0532-86521022  
       Copyright: ? Qingdao Huamei Rigging Hardware Co., Ltd. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 魯ICP備05011343號
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